Refund Policy

Consumer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of Voltapay. We request you to carefully read the Refund Policy conditions before placing an order from any store, for the first time. We ensure to make you pleased with our services at any cost. Because Voltapay deals only with digital products and services and these can not be 'returned'. However, there are particular situations when you are entitled to request a refund. The guidelines curated below serve as a clear indication of your expectations from the seller and Voltapay.

These apply to all suppliers.

* Technical issue
* Exchange Policy
* Refund Policy

-1 Technical Issue:-
In case of experiencing a technical issue with a product/service, you are encouraged to contact the seller, as he/she is most knowledgeable in connection with queries and issues relevant to the product/service they have offered. As mentioned above, Voltapay is committed to providing you with high-quality products/services. So our sellers are always happy to serve you.
*Note: If once in a blue moon you do not hear back from the seller within 24/48 business hours. please contact us at info@ We'll help reach them on your behalf ASAP.

-2 Exchange Policy:-
We facilitate your exchange policy in these cases,
* Purchase the wrong license,
You can purchase the correct license for the same product.
Method (how to buy).
* purchase the wrong version of the product:
you can exchange the product it you want to buy the updated version from the same store that you intended to buy previously and couldn't get it by mistake, ……. ……. …….

-3 Refund Policy:-
These are some particular situations when your product/service is considered eligible for a refund such as,
* Mis-exemplified in the description:
Mis-exemplified means 'the product/service is materially different from as described in description or previews' Plus 'when all described items are not delivered to the buyer'.
* The technical issue can't be deciphered by the seller and he/she is cognizant of that:
(comprising product/service's security vulnerability and product/service's system support is guaranteed but not provided)

In such trouble, you should contact the store-owner first of all and provide him/her with details of the technical issue. If he/she remains unsuccessful in confronting the error. Feel free to contact us.
* Note: Please keep in mind that product/service with alleged technical errors will be processed for a refund only when sufficient evidence is provided about error creation.
* Shopped two licenses for the same product/service or two credit packages accidentally:
We are always grateful to you for buying from Voltapay and happily refund you for the duplicate purchases. Please let us know without any hesitation!
When Refund Policy not valid:-
We are sorry to inform you that you can't get your refund processed in the following situation,
* The product/service was purchased 30 days before.
* You no longer need it.
* You buy it by mistake & downloaded
* You claim that you are entitled to a refund but you are unable or unwilling to reveal the evidence.
* You changed your mind
* You are not capable enough to use it properly.
* It didn't meet your expectations or according to you, it is meager.
***All refunds are at the sole discretion of Voltapay.
What happens after a refund:-
These products and services are digital assets of Voltapay and these have been removed from the customer's device as they have been reimbursed.